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This Fat Tire beach crusier style E-Bike is perfect for transitioning from pavement to dirt, sand, or gravel. Featuring 350w Motor with 6 Stage Pedal Assist! Starting at 2,199usd/month #jointherayvolution


known for being the Jazz of the City the Rayvolt Clubman brings a Rebellious Style to your Alternative Commuting Lifestyle. Break the Chains. Feel the Freedom. Experience the Benefits of an Electric Commuting Transportation Vehicle. #jointherayvolution #customcruzers #premiumebikes #rayvoltbike #rayvolution …


Are You Ready For The E-Bike Of The 21st Century! Pre Sale Special! #Jointherayvolution ☀️⚡🚲 This bike is packed with State of the Art Technology from Facial Recognition to Kinetic Communication with Back Pedaling Regeneration! The X One is the …


Great news for NWA as we are about to launch our online store! We carry Rayvolt Premium E-Bikes. Do you like the Newest Technology Available? The Rayvolt Purple Cruzer is just that a twist of Vintage Legends packed with Eiva …

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