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eXXite X One

*eXXite X One ships out Spring 2022 (shipping estimate may be affected due to COVID-19)




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  • The X One is the first of a new generation of modern electric bikes being developed under the Rayvolt brand that bring experienced bicycle designer Mat Rauzier’s vision to reality in a completely new way. The X One sets the bar for the electric bike of the 21st century with multiple patented technologies that take its performance to the next level. From the integrated Android-powered touchscreen computer to its nearly invisible slipstreamed battery, the X One means business


  • Upon mounting the X One, its powerful facial recognition software looks for the owner and automatically unlocks the bike when the owner is identified. Powered by Rayvolt’s EIVA control technology, the owner has all the settings for the bike available at the touch of a finger. All of its intelligence is built around an all new aluminum composite frame paired with a carbon fiber fork, allowing it to pack full e-bike functionality at only 22 kilograms | 48 pounds. Its 36 volt, 16.5 Ah battery is fully integrated into the frame, adding structural rigidity without adding unnecessary bulk to the overall flow of the frame. 


  • The X One brings a powerful new suite of patented regeneration technologies to bear with the first back pedal proportional regeneration system that lets riders simply roll the pedals backwards to slow the bike. When heading downhill, the bike taps into its integrated gyro sensor to intuitively engage regen for a seamless riding experience. 


  • The X One comes with a full complement of integrated lights to make riding at all hours of the day safer and easier. Turn signals have been integrated into the ends of the handlebars to let everyone know when you’re ready to go. A frame-integrated headlight and tail lights automatically tap into an ambient light sensor to engage when the time is right so you don’t have to think about it. In short, we built the X One to do the thinking for you so you can simply enjoy the ride.
Color(s) Available

Devil Red, Original Copper, Silver, Future

X1 Specs Available

X One Smart, X One Smart +, X One Smart Power


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