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Segway Loomo


Advanced Personal Robot, Mobile AI Sidekick, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter


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Advanced Personal Robot, Mobile AI Sidekick, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter


LOOMO Is The Future Of Smart Personal Mobility


Auto Follow Expert

With its advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you autonomously, shoot stabilized video, and more.

See the World Through Loomo’s AI Vision


Drag and Drop Interface

LOOMO’s easily programmable features mean that the possibilities are endless. Users without programming experience can teach LOOMO new tricks!

Telepresence Avatar

Speak, explore, interact, and experience as if you are LOOMO. Allows you to have LOOMO’s world right in the palm of your hands!


Free LOOMO Android SDK

You can use LOOMO’s Android SDK to directly access LOOMO’s full range mobility and AI capabilities to build a range of playful features or practical solutions. Customize your LOOMO with features suitable for your work and play.


New Skills Unlock Over-the-Air (OTA)

Your LOOMO will grow with you! LOOMO will continuously update its software and applications to include new features to impress and surprise you.


Visual Perception and Understanding

Driven by cutting edge computer vision and deep learning technology, LOOMO’s visual system consists of an object Detection and Tracking System (DTS) and a Human Understanding System (HUS).


Intel ® RealSense ™ Sensor

LOOMO contains Intel RealSense ZR300 camera for precision and clarity. This allows for High Definition 1080P captures, accurate depth sensing and fluid motion tracking, which enables 3D perception, robot mapping and obstacle avoidance.

Robust Motion Control

The robust motion control system, with disturbance rejection and quick response techniques, enables LOOMO to ride smoothly on various surface types.

Intelligent Planning & Obstacle Avoidance

By building high-resolution maps of its physical environment, generating predictive models that anticipate passerby behavior, and conducting ongoing analysis of its own mechanics, LOOMO actively plans its movement and reacts instantly to its surroundings. As a result, LOOMO can reliably move to a provided destination, smoothly track and follow its target, and avoid obstacles in its path.

Self-Stabilizing 3-Axis Gimbal

LOOMO’s three-axis gimbal stabilizes its HD camera, enabling the robot to neutralize abrupt movements or vibrations. This stability allows LOOMO to not only capture higher quality video but also better assess its surroundings and establish computer vision.


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