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Segway C80 Moped

Segway eMoped C80

The first-ever smart moped-style ebike by Segway.




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Segway eMoped C80

The First Smart eBike by Segway

*The Segway eMoped C80 is a moped-style electric bike. No license is required in most states in the US. Please refer to local laws and regulations for license requirements.

Introducing The RideyGO! Intelligent System

The Segway eMoped C80 features The RideyGo! Intelligent System which brings an array of new functions such as the Airlock System, NFC Tag, Smart Seat Detection, and Auto-Lock Mode. It also comes with four built-in, anti-theft mechanisms when parked and locked, giving you peace of mind where you are.

AirLock System

Your phone is the key. The C80 will be ready to power on when you get close to the vehicle.

(2) NFC Tags

Simply swipe the NFC Tag above the dashboard to lock and unlock the vehicle. It’s that simple.

Smart Seat Detection

Equipped with intelligent sensors under the seat and an electric handlebar lock, the vehicle will lock itself within 3 seconds of leaving the seat. To ensure the safety of our riders, the smart feature will only be properly seated, and the kickstand is released.


The Auto-Lock can be customized to lock your C80. Once the Auto-Lock is activated, the bike will automatically lock within the preset countdown.


Take a break and enjoy the adventure. Simply press the multi-functional button located on the right side of the vehicle and select your desired speed.

Anti-Theft System

Aided by GPS, you can track the eMoped C80 at any time and have notifications sent directly to your phone. The eMoped C80’s smart security system detects any irregular movements and sends notifications to your smartphone within seconds to give you peace of mind. After your C80 is locked, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving, or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system.

Extended Range in a Compact Ride

With the newly designed lithium-ion battery, it is compact and lightweight. The battery can be swapped effortlessly and carried home for charging. With 1152Wh and a 47-mile range on the battery, the world is your oyster!

Show Your True Colors

Body panels made with 100% eco-friendly PP plastics allowing its raw material color to peek through.

With its true colors and versatile character, eMoped is the perfect ride to cruise on.


Aquamarine-Yellow, Lemon, Blue-Orange, Grey


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